Jim Wagner Original Go Bag
There are few self-defense instructors in the world with such a diverse background like that of Jim Wagner's. There are even fewer who have had such a dramatic impact on the martial arts world. For his achievements Jim Wagner was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as Self-Defense instructor of the Year 2006, the "Academy Awards" of the martial arts community, and simultaneously inducted into the Budo International Hall of Fame for Outstand Achievement in the Martial Arts 2006. This was awarded to him for developing his reality-based concepts and training methods. Going back to 2000 he was appointed as an honorary member of the Brazilian Air Force for training their Air Force's counterterrorist team known as GEPA. Today Jim Wagner's own system Reality-Based Personal Protection, made public on January 21, 2003, is one of the fastest growing self-defense systems in the world.

Read the full info at www.jimwagnerrealitybased.com
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1 - Martin Hradecký, Mario Tachecí and Jim Wagner during Terrorism Survival course in 2014, Prague
2 - Jim Wagner is one of the “Reality Based” systems pioneers
3 - Jim Wagner and Martin Hradecký during Defensive Tactics course in 2014, Prague
4 - Jim Wagner recommends using specific equipment for realistic training - e.g. SHOCK KNIFE
5 - Jim Wagner also designs various tools and equipment including knives - JW Reality Based Blade by Boker

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Photo: Jim Wagner during Defensive Tactics Course held in Arnis & Balaraw Fighting Club in Prague.

Reality based self defence systems and close quarte combat based on reality are getting more and more popular.

These systems often use abbreviations like RB (Reality Based), RBT (Reality Based Training) or RBSD (Reality Based Self Defence). It is a general term for systems focuding on simple, quickly understandable and also practically usable solutions for real life crisis situations. All skills are usually tested within scenarios and realistic simulations with a single goal - to prepare for the worst possible situations and to be able to protect ourselves or our loved ones. Jim Wagner, founder of Reality Based Personal Protection, is one of the reality based system pioneers.