Jim Wagner Original Go Bag
S-Gear Ltd. is a specialized e-shop established in 2011, focused on the outdoor & survival area, EDC equipment (knives, flashlights, first aid) and long-life foods for long term storage. S-Gear offers quality equipment to people who believe that it is always better to be prepared and then not need it, than to be unprepared and then regret it ...
The soul of S-Gear is Paul Urman (born in 1973), who since his childhood has been close to nature, and thanks to his father, a passionate collector, also to weapons of all kinds. He enjoys archery very much, with which he started in 1998 in the USA, where he had lived and worked for five years .

As he says, ideas on how to prepare for disasters and emergencies of all kinds, what to always carry with, what to have in your car, at home, etc. were in his mind after the terrorist attacks on the 11th September in 2001, because at that time he worked only a few minutes away from the towers in New York. Therefore he started to search intensively for information and experiences and to self-educate in this area.

His first contact with the Academy of Aegis was in 2012, when he took a course in Defensive Shooting (followed by additional courses incl. first aid) and became friends with its instructors. As a result of this became S-Gear the exclusive distributor of the Academy of Aegis products, which perfectly fit in its conception.
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