Jim Wagner Original Go Bag
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It's basically an evacuation bag that you can grab and go. People from specific professions (eg. policemen, soldiers, as well as private contractors, who are moving in a conflict environment anywhere in the world) for decades have the Go Bag (sometimes also referred to as "Bug Out Bag") always at hand, ready for immediate use as soon as the situation requires. Contents of the Go Bag are based on the contents of this or that "mission", but in general we can say that the Go Bag is simply a bag designed for use in extreme conditions, you can simply put it over the shoulder, filled with the most important equipment that you actually need for the current task . For professionals or users from the armed forces is it often used to store extra ammunition for the weapons or first aid equipment, flashlights and batteries or other equipment that is needed to take with on the journey.
Criminals, terrorists, and nature itself have declared war on you! Are you prepared to survive any one of them? Now you can, with the Jim Wagner Go Bag. “What’s a Go Bag?” you ask. For decades tactical people (such as police officers, military personnel, and civilian contractors in conflict environments around the world) have always had a Go Bag ready to grab at a moment’s notice; also sometimes referred to as a “Bug Out Bag.” What’s inside a Go Bag is determined by one’s mission, but essentially a Go Bag is punishment resistant bag that is thrown over a shoulder that contains mission essential gear. For tactical operators it is usually packed with extra ammunition for their weapons, medical supplies, and extra flashlight, batteries, and other items while one is on the go. Now, for the first time ever, there is a Go Bag specifically for civilians – you. You too can “think tactically” just like the professionals.
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As a former police officer, diplomatic bodyguard, counterterrorist, and soldier Jim Wagner has always had a tactical Go Bag within reach, but for civilian life he needed one that would not draw attention, be functional, highly efficient, go anywhere, but none on the market were suitable. First of all the other Go Bags all looked “too tactical,” which means they don’t allow you to be the “gray man” in a crowd. In other words, if you look “tactical” professionals and the bad guys alike are going to take notice of you. Second, Go Bags of the past did not have all of the features needed. Therefore, Jim Wagner designed the ultimate Go Bag for himself, just like he had designed the ultimate tactical folder knife manufactured by Boker years earlier, and now it is sold all over the world. Now the Jim Wagner Go Bag is literally going everywhere in the world by many like-minded people who want to be ready for the small emergencies and the big ones.

Functional elements of the Jim Wagner´s Go Bag

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As a former police officer, bodyguard of diplomats, member of the antiterrorist forces and a soldier, Jim Wagner used lots of of tactical equipment such as the Go Bag, but for the civilian life he wanted such a bag, that would not attract unwanted attention and would be functional and practical at the same time. Although he alwas wore some baggage – a Go Bag - with none of them was he completely satisfied. Above all other Go Bags looked too "tactically", which meant that if you wore these, you would hardly look unconspicious and blend in with the crowd. In other words, if you look too "tactically", you will attract (variously motivated) not only the attention of professionals from the armed forces, but perhaps also of criminals. But you do not want to raise excessive curiosity of other ordinary people as well.

Another thing is that the Go Bags in the past have not been equipped with a number of necessary elements. That's why Jim Wagner designed Go Bag in a way that he considered as ideal, as well as many years ago he designed a tactical folding knife, which is still produced and sold worldwide by the company Boker. Similarly, now the Jim Wagner´s Go Bag goes out to the world to be at disposal to like-minded people, who want to be ready both for small unforseen situations and extreme emergencies.
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Photo: Original go bag sketch by Jim Wagner.

The first information regarding the civilian version of the special type of luggage , the Go Bag, Jim Wagner told us in 2011 at a Family Survival Course, which he led in the Czech Republic (more information here). This bag (used by him commonly in a long term), equipped for survival in different conditions, demonstrated Jim Wagner in the section dedicated to first aid and additional equipment for emergency situations. Jim recommended to have this baggage not only on the road but also at home, for example in the case of natural disasters and other conditions, where a person has to quickly leave the house. We (Aegis Academy) got to know Go Bag as evacuation baggage in 2013 as part the completed courses Protection of Others and Urban Survival. Go Bag of course could not miss in the course Bodyguard Defense Tactics in 2014.
Since 2012, Jim Wagner toyed with the idea of ​​producing his own version of this type of baggage. He wanted a product according to his wishes, which at that time the market was lacking, ie. a discreet, more civilized version of the shoulder bag with various specific functions, features, and "widgets". In its final form is inter alia incorporated the haversack Aegis, which has Jim received earlier as a gift and the concept of which he really liked.
That is why in 2014 began talks between Jim Wagner and the Aegis Academy about the production of Go Bag in the Czech Republic on the basis of a detailed drawing, that was possible to look at and comment. Shortly after that came to an interconnection with the company S-Gear and thanks to this cooperation originated the first prototype of the baggage "The Original Civilian Jim Wagner Go Bag". During the subsequent testing conducted by the Aegis Academy were modified several details - of course, after consultation with Jim W. - and serial production started at the end of 2015.
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1 - Martin Hradecký, Peter Falk, Jim Wagner and Aleš Vondráček after the Family Survival Course,2011
2 - Jim Wagner’s GoBag contents presented during the Urban Survival Course, 2013 (standard “fashion kind” bag)
3 - Jim Wagner and Martin Hradecký inspecting
Aegis III. generation fanny pack
4 - Jim Wagner during Terrorism Survival Class
5 - Jim Wagner and Martin Hradecký during Bodyguard Defence Course, 2014

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Aegis Academy cooperates with many leading companies (producers, importers and distributors) for which it conducted dozens of independent tests to objectively assess or verify the characteristics of the products. On the basis of experience and knowledge in this field also performs consulting and advisory services eg. when identifying and introducing new products and brands on the market in the Czech Republic. Many products have been already successfully put on our market with the recommendations from the Aegis Academy.