Jim Wagner Original Go Bag
Aegis Academy is a private training center active since 1999, focusing on complex education in the area of real usage of firearms and cold weapons, self-defense and other specific skills. Training activities are carried out for private persons and civilian security agencies, but are also realized formal training courses for the armed forces of the Czech and Slovak Republic.
Academy AEGIS offers a proven training system of the the skills and knowledge that once may serve you to protect life and health. Whether is the safety activity your profession or you just want to know how to best protect yourselves and your loved ones, the completion of training courses Aegis is the right choice.
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Aleš Vondráček a Martin Hradecký, Akademie Aegis.

The Original Civilian Jim Wagner Go Bag by Akademie Aegis
Aegis Academy cooperates with many leading companies (producers, importers and distributors) for which it conducted dozens of independent tests to objectively assess or verify the characteristics of the products. On the basis of experience and knowledge in this field also performs consulting and advisory services eg. when identifying and introducing new products and brands on the market in the Czech Republic. Many products have been already successfully put on our market with the recommendations from the Aegis Academy.
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Photo: Akademie Aegis III. generation fanny pack.
Over time the experiences and ideas of the instructors were also reflected in the design of own products, among others fanny pack for hidden carrying of weapons, cases for the first aid kit AFAK and miniAFAK, chest rig - carriers for long guns magazines, training weapons and a series of training targets.

As its name suggests, the Aegis Academy was also involved in the design and production of the new original Jim Wagner´s Go Bag.